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Technical Assistance Recruitment and Management

Much of our success hinges on innovative and committed advisers. Over the past 15 years, Abt Associates has recruited, mobilised and managed more than 5,000 development professionals globally. Supporting hundreds of advisers across Asia Pacific, our focus is on firstly attracting and maintaining the best advisers and then providing them with peer support networks, access to ongoing professional development and creating a shared sense of connection and commitment, despite the often remote and disperse locations they provide assistance in. With an excellent retention record, we understand that communication is a key driver of adviser engagement and retention.

With an ongoing focus on value for money, performance management is critical and is done through a combination of formal and informal methods incorporating processes such as annual reviews and regular client communication. Using state of the art tools and technology that allows us to effectively manage the performance appraisal process for multiple employees across diverse locations, we consistently maintain visibility of both individual and group performance across the organisation.