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Program Management

In partnership with governments, corporations, foundations and others, Abt Associates implements programs to realise policy, business, and development goals. Whether working with local communities or national governments, we use evidence to plan carefully with the client, execute quickly, monitor to adapt and improve, and build local capacity.

Working with our many partners, Abt Associates implements bold innovative solutions to improve the lives of the community and deliver valued outcomes for our clients. We provide a comprehensive range of services from policy to service delivery in the public and private sectors contributing to long-term benefits for clients and communities. Operating in remote and challenging environments, we offer innovative solutions, extensive experience in the region, strong technical capacity, and a proven project management track record.

Areas of Expertise

Abt Associates has extensive experience managing grants to multiple recipients and sub-recipients. Abt Associates has robust systems in place for effective oversight and management of sub-recipients. We are registered with the Australian Institute of Grant Management and have successfully implemented grant management programs for the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade over the last twelve years.

Abt Associates has extensive international procurement experience. Our staff are experienced in operating within the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines and ensuring value-for-money. Where appropriate, we encourage procurement within host countries and promote cost-sharing arrangements.

Abt Associates has demonstrated and extensive experience in providing logistical support for programs, as evidenced in the following:-

Events & Travel: For the PNG HHISP, Abt has organised training courses, workshops and conferences under tight timeframes and at a rate of more than one per fortnight, including in South Korea, South Africa, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. All travel costs are closely monitored to achieve value-for-money and ensure cost efficiencies.

Twinning and Learning Exchange: Abt has facilitated academic and training exchanges between PNG and Australia, managed and evaluated group study tours and hosted shared practice forums. As part of the PNG HSSP and CBSC, Abt JTA Asia Pacific facilitated self-sustaining twinning arrangements to assist PNG managers with access to a ready pool of relevant expertise.

Training Management: Abt has a demonstrated track record in scoping, designing, implementing and assessing training activities across a broad range of disciplines and audiences. We have led large-scale training activities and sustainable training programs in the Pacific.

Security: Abt retains a full-time company security manager who monitors security for all our programs and undertakes security assessments for new countries prior to team deployment.