Specialist Health Service

Strategic input on health to the Australian Government

The Specialist Health Service provides health technical assistance to the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. DFAT posts and desks around the globe and in Canberra may contact the SHS for assistance with any health-related topic. The SHS allows DFAT to source high quality technical advice to support health policy, strategic planning and health programming across the aid management cycle. Based in Canberra, the SHS maintains panels of pre-vetted experts in numerous health technical subjects. The SHS staff guide, manage and quality assure the advice, as well as preparing brief reviews and technical inputs to support Australian Government staff.
The SHS seeks specialist consultants available to serve as DFAT advisers in forty-five different health professional, programmatic and cross-cutting areas. Topics include health financing and economics, health policy and planning, health service delivery and clinical quality, social and behaviour change communication, maternal and child health, non-communicable diseases, zoonotic diseases, program design, monitoring and evaluation.
Interested consultants are invited to visit the SHS program website for more information.

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