Papua New Guinea Health and Education Procurement Facility (HEPF)

Client: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Working in consortium with HK Logistics and Reeves International, HEPF provides a procurement facility for the Health and Education Programs that can deliver on specific output targets and procure goods, works and services in the health and education sector. HEPF provides support across all procurement of materials, services and infrastructure for the health and education sectors in Papua New
Guinea under a single facility.

The HEPF will be used to contribute to the following key objectives of the PNG National Department of Education and National Department of Health:

  • Increasing net enrolment rates at elementary, primary and secondary levels;
  • Improved performance by students completing grades eight and grade 12;
  • Increasing the percentage of primary, elementary and secondary school pupils who are female with a view to increase towards the target of gender equality;
  • Increased number of health facilities refurbished to meet national health service and construction standards in DFAT’s priority provinces; and
  • PNG’s health worker training institutions deliver a quality curriculum to an appropriate number of students to meet PNG’s future health workforce needs.