Client: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

KOMPAK is an Australia-Indonesia Government partnership working to reduce poverty in Indonesia by supporting the Government of Indonesia (GoI) to improve basic services and economic opportunities for the poor and vulnerable. Working as a development program designed to improve both upstream and downstream government system performance, KOMPAK’s focus is on improving the formal and informal rules of the game that influence, if not determine, individual and collective decision making. At heart, KOMPAK is a program aimed at institutional transformation.

Working at both the national and sub-national levels, KOMPAK consolidates and builds on GoI and DFAT investments in community empowerment, service delivery, governance, and civil society strengthening by integrating these areas of Activities into a single Facility. KOMPAK structures its work in three key results areas:

  • Responsive and accountable Frontline services: KOMPAK will help the government close the key accountability loops for better service delivery;
  • Inclusive and community-led development. KOMPAK will help the GoI bed down community and village structures to promote and support community driven development; and
  • Communities empowered through greater labour mobility and economic choice. KOMPAK will help the GoI increase economic opportunities for the poor by increasing options for off-farm employment.

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