Papua New Guinea Governance Facility

Client: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Papua New Guinea Governance Facility (PGF) is a new and ambitious program of the Government of Australia designed to implement its development partnership with the Government of Papua New Guinea. It supports the Government of PNG to strengthen the institutions and processes that contribute to security, stability and inclusive economic growth.

By bringing Australia’s PNG governance portfolio under one umbrella, the facility is enabling the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to achieve greater coherence between, and consolidation of, individual activities.

Achieving Improved Governance

While economic growth provides the resources needed to improve development outcomes, good governance is what is needed to transform this growth into tangible and enduring development benefits for all citizens. PGF is designed around the concept that genuine human development lies in the interaction between effective states and active citizens; that engaged, empowered citizens interacting with their government and holding the state accountable for providing essential services is key to addressing poverty and inequality.

Goals and Objectives of PGF

PGF brings DFAT’s governance investments in PNG together in one facility to achieve:

  1. Efficiency in delivery and lower management costs associated with implementation
  2. Coherence between the different governance programs in PNG
  3. The development of a broader and more rigorous body of evidence about what works and what doesn’t, and why
  4. Flexibility to scale up success, scale down failure and respond to new evidence and opportunities.

The PGF is managed by Abt. It will coordinate AUD $360 million of Australian Government support from April 2016 to April 2020