KOMPAK: Sekolah Desa Simulation Game Launched in 18 Provinces in Indonesia

The Directorate General for Village Government Bina Pemerintahan Desa in the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) has the mandate to strengthen the capacity of village governments to effectively administer the Village Law. Since July 2015, Bina Pemerintahan Desa has been delivering training to tens of thousands of representatives from the Village Apparatus and sub-district governments across Indonesia with support from KOMPAK-funded trainers.

151215 KOMPAK storyTo assist Bina Pemerintahan Desa to measure capacity and learning gaps post-training, KOMPAK partnered with Pulse Lab Jakarta to create a mobile simulation game for village and district governments to play at the conclusion of each training session. Participants can play the game on any smartphone and the game takes about one hour to play in its entirety.

Village heads take on the role of Kepala Desa, and are required to make a number of decisions mirroring those that they would have to make in real life during the execution of their duties and responsibilities under the Village Law.

Real-life scenarios presented in the game include testing on prioritization of key issues, preparation of the village strategic planning and annual budgets, selection of who should be included in making decisions and decision-making on how to identify fit-for-purpose options/solutions as responses to simulated circumstances.

Village Heads are shown their cumulative score at multiple points throughout the game, along with messages about how the particular action they have just taken in the game relates to their responsibilities under the Village Law. The final scores are presented at the end of the game and the Village Heads have the opportunity to give anonymous feedback on the experience, which over 330 have taken advantage of.151215 KOMPAK Image v3

Each time the game is played, detailed data over 40 in-game decisions is collected and instantly aggregated at the country, province and district levels on a central server for analysis. The data is visualized through geographical information system (GIS) dashboards and reports showing where knowledge gaps exist in village leadership across the country and in which specific modules and concepts, information that Bina Pemerintahan Desa can use to improve future training iterations.

On November 16, Bina Pemerintahan Desa began piloting the game with support from KOMPAK as part of the trainings taking place in the following 18 provinces across the country: Aceh, Bengkulu, North Maluku, Southeast Sulawesi, Banten, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Bali, Gorontalo, West Java, Yogyakarta, West Kalimantan, Central Java, Riau, North Sumatra, East Kalimatan, South Sumatra, Jambi, and Lampung.  As of December 14th, the game has been played over 900 times.151215 KOMPAK story v2

The game will continue to be available for use by facilitators, sub-district governments, and CSOs post-training and, based on the capacity data, tailored standalone eLearning modules will be developed by Bina Pemerintahan Desa with support from KOMPAK for future capacity for administering Village Law. Already, the village Heads who have played the game are providing valuable feedback on the training curriculum.

“There could be more improvements on questions related to the village mid-term development plan, the village work development plan and village budget.” – Village Head

“I like that game is not just a game. It is able to help and guide us village heads, as well as village secretaries and village treasurers to sharpen our minds to think smartly in the planning of village programs for the village work development plan.”– Village Head