Active Citizens, Responsive states: our work to build better governance


Governance affects almost all aspects of development and solving development problems necessarily involves working to improve the ability of Governments to provide effective services to their citizens and it also requires citizens to effectively engage with and demand effective services from their governments. Abt Associates has a long history of working with states and citizens, civil society organisations and the private sector, to forge closer more, productive relationships in order to help lay the foundations for better delivery of health, education, infrastructure, and social protection services. In our experience, few development successes arise from working with only one side of the equation.

We apply a governance framework to all of our sectoral programs so we understand where power lies, what solutions are politically feasible and what coalitions can be formed around reform priorities. We recognise that while outside support can help provide ideas, resources and space to work on key problems, all effective development requires us to support local solutions to local problems. Understanding the institutional and geographic contexts in which our programs work is critical to the success of all our programs.

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