Increasing recognition of the importance the role gender plays in development programs has ensured that gender is a key focus of consideration in designing, planning and implementing Abt Associates programs and projects. Acknowledging the diversity of the contribution of both women and men provides the opportunity to maximise the impact and effectiveness of our work both internationally and in Australia.

Abt Associates values the differences of perspective of women and men and by practicing inclusive engagement we ensure that participation is meaningful and represents a view and position through a legitimate gender lens. Some of the ways in which Abt Associates demonstrates its leadership in gender issues is to always identify a gender “champion” in the workplace and regularly undertake training and education in diversity and gender awareness, ensuring program designs reflect gender considerations and inclusiveness strategies.

Supporting women’s empowerment is one way in which Abt Associates raises community awareness and understanding around the status and role of women, economically and socially, thus facilitating the raising of their voices in the discourse around human rights and social justice.

Abt Associates current programs supporting women’s inclusiveness include the Indonesian MAMPU program aimed at empowering Indonesian women for poverty reduction, the Australian Nurse Family Partnership Program (ANFPP) which is empowering women who are having an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander baby to reach their full potential as mothers and claim their own heart’s desire for a self-determining future, the Asian Development Bank funded Primary Health Care Program in Papua New Guinea where Abt Associates is undertaking formative evaluations which include a gender analysis and assessing the impact of the Program on the health of women in the targeted provinces and through the Health and HIV support Program where grants have been provided to projects aimed at improving the lives of women.

Corporately, Abt Associates takes gender equity seriously and works within a gender competency framework. Just over 50% (50.3) of our full-time staff are women and 50% of the Abt Associates Executive are women, exceeding industry norms.

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