Abt Associates Joins the Alliance for Country Assessments for Global Health Security and International Health Regulations Implementation

January 17, 2017 Featured

Abt Associates has joined the Alliance for Country Assessments for Global Health Security and International Health Regulations Implementation that was established on May 22, 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland, to support the World Health Organization (WHO) and national governments in conducting Joint External Evaluations and developing 5-year Roadmaps, and in ensuing national process to accelerate International Health Regulations compliance.

The Alliance supports the implementation of the Global Health Security Agenda by focusing on three core principles:

Be Bold: Make smart and targeted investments in countries to prevent, detect and rapidly respond to disease outbreaks before they become epidemics.

What gets measured gets done: Develop and put into practice independent methods to assess progress and how investments are making a difference.

Invest in the Future: There is no better time like the present to engage and support the next generation in securing a healthy and safe future.

The Global Health Security Agenda is an accelerator model to assist countries in being compliant with the International Health Regulations. Outbreaks of SARS, Influenza, Ebola, Zika and other infectious diseases pose not only a local health threat but also national and international security threats. National multisectoral cooperation and preparedness are at the core of combating infectious diseases effectively through strengthened health care systems that include surveillance, diagnostics, social and behavior change, emergency operations, and workforce development.

In 2017, the Alliance will:

  1. Promote political awareness of global health security and its inclusion in relevant international arenas
  2. Garner support for the promotion of strengthening health systems, preparedness capacity building as well as enhance biosafety and biosecurity
  3. Enhance intersectoral collaboration on health security at international, regional and country levels
  4. Support international organizations’ work on health security, particularly the implementation of the WHO’s International Health Regulations and other international standards at national level
  5. Promote models for international collaboration with different non-state actors, including government, private sector, foundations, and non-government organizations

To learn more about Abt Associates work in Global Health Security click here or download a fact sheet on our work in the Asia Pacific.

Additional information is available at:

  1. Global Health Security Agenda
  2. Global Health Security Agenda Next Generation Network
  3. Finland Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
  4. White House – U.S. Commitment to Global Health Security Agenda Fact Sheet

World Health Security_2017_member countries

Global Health Security Agenda Partner Countries (both red and green). U.S. Government supported countries are in Green.