Abt Associates to Expand Public Sector Systems Strengthening Work in Tanzania

August 19, 2015 Featured

BETHESDA, MD — The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has awarded Abt Associates the Public Sector Systems Strengthening (PS3) Project, a five-year project designed to strengthen the capacity of the Government of Tanzania to manage delivery of quality public services.

Abt will support Tanzania’s government at both national and local levels to promote the delivery, quality, and use of public services, particularly for underserved populations. While primarily focused on health systems, this multi-sectoral program will work closely with Local Government Authorities to promote inclusive and evidence based planning, management, and implementation of services which will have an impact beyond the health sector. The project is valued at just under $62 million.

Abt has been providing technical assistance to the Government of Tanzania since 2009, through the Wajibika Project.

“Abt’s technical expertise in health systems strengthening is well established,” said Diana R. Silimperi, MD, Abt’s Division Vice President for International Health. “As we focus on key components of the country’s government systems, we will promote inclusive and evidenced-based planning, management, and implementation of health services. USAID’s newly released report, entitled “Impact of Health Systems Strengthening on Health,” presents a significant body of evidence linking systems strengthening interventions to measureable impact on health for vulnerable people in low to middle income countries. We look forward to applying this learning in Tanzania.”

Abt’s PS3 team will implement activities to address five key systems components including: governance and citizen engagement; human resources; finance; information systems; and operations research. Abt’s consortium includes seven partners, four of which are Tanzanian organizations. U.S.-based partners include Broad Branch Associates, IntraHealth International and Urban Institute.

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